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Pay Per Call Phone Billing

In the United States at least, pay per call billing for using your phone doesn’t appear to be a good option as 93% of Americans sign up for contracts but is it? Actually according to ting reviews and other reviews, pay per call billing is far better and cheaper than signing a contract.

The problem in the US seems to be that there is a group of four big phone companies that have joined forces to try and monopolize the phone industry and those big four are T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, all of which tell customers that paying by contract is best and in doing so, attempt to discredit smaller companies that only offer pay per call billing. Of course, these big four companies also use the enticement of offering subsidized phone purchases which is a big incentive but does not always add up to what you could save by only paying or calls that you actually make instead of paying as per a pre-agreed contract. The person in the review used to pay $80 per month on contract and was looking for something cheaper and so looked into the possibility of changing to a pay per call company and the one he happened to choose was ting. Ting did not offer subsidized phones and so he had to buy one at a cost of $300, plus $17 connection fee to his new phone provider. When he received his first bill for calls it was just $30 which, even with the $17 was a saving of $33 dollars for the first month. The following months he also received bills for the calls that he had made and they too averaged out at $30 per month and so afforded him savings of $50 per month. This meant that within the first 6 or 7 months, he had saved all the cost of his phone and for all the future months was just making huge savings each and every month.

The big four phone companies in the US are therefore reaping the profits of convincing the general public that signing up for one of their contracts is the best way to save money on calls and as they all offer pretty much the same services at the same prices, between them and their shared advertising campaigns, they seem to have convinced the majority of the nation that they are the only viable options available. The truth though is, yes, perhaps a contract is best for some people but it certainly isn’t the best option for everyone, there are choices outside of these big four and by going outside of the big four there are added advantages. One of the advantages is that you can get a better standard of customer service, a service which answers your calls within the first couple of rings and the call is answered by a human, not a machine that can only offer you an option of selecting different numbers, a human actually listens to your concerns and then acts upon them.

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A Peek At Some iPod Accessories

The iPod which is manufactured by Apple is hailed as the number 1 MP3 player nowadays because of a variety of reasons. Because of its popularity, a lot of different companies are riding into its fame and are offering a variety of accessories for iPod. These accessories range from wireless audio products that are of advanced quality to speaker audio amplifiers. These latest and updated gadgets that are compatible with Apple phones and accessories have the capacity to open a variety of possibilities for iPod and iPhone users which is also the reason why it is necessary that as an Apple product user and fanatic you should be able to determine what accessories is beneficial and useful to your gadget. If you want to know more information about iPod remote advice, which is a kind of iPod gadget, you can check out ipod Remotes advice and know more about this topic. Aside from these information that you can possibly find, below is a list of other iPod accessories that you can choose from.

  • One of the most basic accessories for iPhone and iPod is the headphones. This is also one of the many accessories that is used by a large number of Apple products user in order for them to be able to listen to songs and videos from their gadgets. Despite the fact that a lot of Apple product users are fond of buying and using this accessory, there are also a number of people who opts to make use of the loudspeaker feature especially if they are listening to music or videos on their Apple gadgets indoor. On the other hand, people can also buy speakers manufactured by different companies because there are currently many different features offered by these companies including an iPod docking cradle which comes along with your speaker accessory. The downside of most of these speaker accessories however, is that they may have low quality of audio and low output power.
  • Another iPod accessory that is used by apple users as of now is a bookshelf speaker which typically comes along with a miniature amplifier which will be connected to the iPod speakers. This accessory is said to be a better choice for a speaker especially that this kind of speaker for iPod and other Apple products are generally of good quality and are stand alone speakers. Also, in order to make sure that you will have the maximum quality of sound for your speaker, you need to make sure to keep your amplifier cool when you are using it.
  • A built in wireless headphones is another accessory for iPod and other Apple products and it enables the user to cut the cord of their gadget and then stream audio wireless via a set of wireless speakers or headphones. Also headphones and loudspeakers that are supported by Bluetooth technology can be used and will work with iPods and Apple products since they also have a built in Bluetooth. Choosing the best kind of accessories for your gadget is essential in order for you to maximize your experience of using your gadgets.
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Get Better At MOBA Games

MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena games are considered to be those that are popular in this day and age because of their game mechanics and because there are many players around the globe that are participating in them. If you want to become better at selected action real-time strategy games, there are a few things that you could try doing. Having good quality hardware can help. With it, you would not only be able to possibly execute commands better and faster but also prevent problems like repetitive strain injury. Knowing about the technical aspects and the whole of the game that you’re playing can also be of great assistance. Once you’ve mastered what you’re playing, you would be able to take on the AI and also real players with the utmost ease. But, of course, there are still a lot of other things that you could try out to enhance the way you play. To increase your chances of winning every single time that you play multiplayer RTS games, please take the things that are written below into consideration.


If you seriously want to be equipped, you should be knowledgeable about the various things that are related to your game. You should know not only about the champions that you could use and also the minions that are provided by the game itself but you should also be aware of the different terrains that might possibly surface, the items that are automatically generated, and also the updates that your game has undergone. Before you try playing, you should at least know about the basics and advanced topics before actually playing hard. You would make the most of your time practicing when you can fully understand why things happened and how you could progress your skills. You would be able to understand the game that you’re playing well when you know the stats of the champions that you’re interested in using and when you have familiarized yourself with the possible things that a game might generate randomly. You should always make sure that you read the update notes provided by the developer of your game so that you would know some in-game changes and the possible things that you could take advantage of when you play.


When it comes to MOBA games, if you want to have a better chance at winning, it’s important that you should know how to really strategize well. After all, it is called an action RTS. Once you’ve started playing, you have to find and manage resources and do battle expertly. Since it is multiplayer and online, you would have to face more than just an AI. To win against a real person or against more than one player, you have to know not only have to do macro or micro management but also how to work with your teammate. To know how to respond to different game situations favorably and get tips on what to do in order to win, you could have a look at gamerunners details or video tutorials on the internet.

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NFL Football Streaming – An Option every Sunday Football Night

A great majority of US adults watch NFL games because it is the most popular sports league in North America. Many rely on their television sets to watch the football games while others prefer to watch using their laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Others watch the games in person where they get to enjoy and feel the excitement of watching their favorite players play live. It is therefore hardly surprising to find American households tuned in to the NFL games every Sunday and Monday night or busy watching NFL football streaming

Why is NFL very popular in North America?

The National Football League is a record breaker in terms of television viewership, advertisements, and sponsorship deals. Even the NFL jersey is a blockbuster when it comes to online sales because it seems that all the fans want an NFL jersey of their own particularly when they attend the Super Bowl. No matter which state you come from, your team will always have an equal chance to win the Super Bowl championship because the NFL games have grown so much that it is no longer limited to New York, Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago. The widespread popularity of Super Bowl have also made a great impact on the economy with the millions of dollars of consumer spending on food, beverages and NFL souvenir items during Super Bowl week.

Sources of revenue for NFL

The biggest source of NFL revenue is television contracts and 100% of the money gained is divided equally among the teams in the league. Another source of NFL revenue is sponsorship from giant corporations which again is distributed equally among the teams. License apparel is another source of revenue and 100% of the money again goes to the teams. There is more than enough money distributed for the teams making the players quite wealthy in their own rights. However, there is a league salary cap wherein no team gets to pay more than the other teams to allow them to build a team composed of all the most popular players in the NFL league. The salary cap and revenue sharing are the reasons why NFL has become more popular than other sports leagues in North America.

Americans are watching NFL through live streaming

Fans are arriving by the thousands on the stadium to watch the NFL games live. Those who prefer the comfort of their homes are tuned to NFL games on the television. Nobody wants to miss an NFL game that is why there are apps that can be downloaded so that the games can be viewed through laptops and mobile devices while on the go. However, the most important part of the online apps is a current channel list that has to be regularly updated so that you needn’t scroll through hundreds of channels to access the football games. Downloading software is a better option because it allows you to choose the NFL game you like to watch. If you want to record a game to be viewed at some later time, Satellite Direct software has the built-in DVR that will record the game for you.


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Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend at Macy’s

Are you about to propose to the woman of your dreams? If you are, then surely you are now scouting for a fabulous engagement ring. Are you familiar with the adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, you might have but knowing that diamonds are the most expensive gemstone in the market, you might think twice about choosing a diamond engagement ring. However, if you really want your girl to say yes, a diamond ring is surely the best tool to motivate her.

Yes, diamonds are very expensive and you might find it too pricey for your pocket, but if you check out what Macy’s has to offer, you’ll surely be delighted. Maybe your dream girl will surely say yes after all. At Macy’s, you will be able to avail of this particular jewelry at 30% discount! Wow, isn’t it amazing?

Bear in mind that though your girl might not be materialistic, having a diamond ring in a girl’s finger actually symbolizes a lot of things. For one, it will make her feel really loved and prioritized. She can hardly say no to someone who took his way to please her despite the global downfall of economy. It will also generate the feeling of security – the feeling that a man is willing to do everything for her.

Marriage is considered as a once-in-a-lifetime event and if you’re proposing with a diamond ring, your woman will feel proud. Among millions of women out there, you chose her to be the one to stay beside you for the rest of your life. The look in your woman’s eyes will tell you that you’ve done the right thing. You value her love so much and you’d like nothing more than to seal the union with the bonds of marriage.

You are just so fortunate that Macy’s store seem to understand the predicament of those who are in your situation and offer such an amazing deal. So, if you want to surprise the love of your life with something very special, check out Macy’s store right now while the discounted jewelries are still available. You can also check online for their availability.

Just one thing though, whether you will avail of the diamond engagement ring in their conventional store or online, don’t forget to inquire about the promo code JEWEL for you to avail of another 15% or 20% discount. In these difficult times, it’s a must that you get the right value out of your hard-earned cash and not to be overburdened by pricey things. So, for a sure “yes” from your dream girl, check out what Macy’s store has to offer now! Avail of their discounted jewelries and surprise your most special girl!

Aside from jewelries, Macy’s is also offering coats, clothes and trendy outfits for everyone. Just use Macys coupons so you could avail of huge discounts on your purchases. A lot of people have already benefitted from shopping at Macy’s. It’s your time to gain lots of trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, as well.