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CPA Reviews

Many students at college studying accounting will hope that they will eventually pass the CPA exam. The CPA stands for certified Public Accountant and is often considered the highest standard in the accounting world although some prefer to go for their CMA which is Certified Management Accountant, depending on what career they intend to follow.

There are many ways that people can study for their CPA exam but none of them are easy however, some people consider that certain study programs are easier than others due to what the program contains and how it is laid out. If you are intending to study for a CPA it is strongly recommended that you look online at cpa review courses or websites which have reviewed several of the different courses and make their comments or recommendations as to which are the best ones to take given your particular situation.

Some of the courses which are recommended by at least one website are:
Wiley CPAexcel Course
Roger CPA Course
Gleim CPA Course
Surgent CPA Course
Fast Forward Academy Course
Yaeger CPA Course
Becker CPA Course
ExamMatrix CPA Course
MDS CPA Course
Ninja CPA Course
Lambers CPA Course

There are however many more to choose from and so you should take some time out to discover which is the best course for you, one which you can afford and yet will provide you with the best opportunity to pass.

The Wiley CPAexcel Course is highly recommended as it understands that not all students have the time to spend listening to lectures that last 3 to 4 hours each and so they break it down into smaller segments. The website also mentions that this is a good course to take from scratch as it covers everything you may need to know and depending on the price you pay, may not expire until one year after you have passed the exam.

Gleim CPA is another course which is recommended and this is recommended because of its price. This course contains most of the same as many of the other courses but costs only one third of the price and so if money is one of your main concerns, this may be the course you to choose.

Becker CPA this is also said to be very good however it does have a price tag of over $3000 and so it is perhaps recommended to first try a free trial on one of the other, cheaper courses to see if they would suffice rather than paying the extra money this course will cost.

At the end of the day though, as we all have different ways we prefer to study, it will be up to us to find the course which provides the lessons in a way which we know we can best understand and that way we will have the best chance of passing. Although all the courses do cost money, getting a pass will make the expense worthwhile.