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Pay Per Call Phone Billing

In the United States at least, pay per call billing for using your phone doesn’t appear to be a good option as 93% of Americans sign up for contracts but is it? Actually according to ting reviews and other reviews, pay per call billing is far better and cheaper than signing a contract.

The problem in the US seems to be that there is a group of four big phone companies that have joined forces to try and monopolize the phone industry and those big four are T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, all of which tell customers that paying by contract is best and in doing so, attempt to discredit smaller companies that only offer pay per call billing. Of course, these big four companies also use the enticement of offering subsidized phone purchases which is a big incentive but does not always add up to what you could save by only paying or calls that you actually make instead of paying as per a pre-agreed contract. The person in the review used to pay $80 per month on contract and was looking for something cheaper and so looked into the possibility of changing to a pay per call company and the one he happened to choose was ting. Ting did not offer subsidized phones and so he had to buy one at a cost of $300, plus $17 connection fee to his new phone provider. When he received his first bill for calls it was just $30 which, even with the $17 was a saving of $33 dollars for the first month. The following months he also received bills for the calls that he had made and they too averaged out at $30 per month and so afforded him savings of $50 per month. This meant that within the first 6 or 7 months, he had saved all the cost of his phone and for all the future months was just making huge savings each and every month.

The big four phone companies in the US are therefore reaping the profits of convincing the general public that signing up for one of their contracts is the best way to save money on calls and as they all offer pretty much the same services at the same prices, between them and their shared advertising campaigns, they seem to have convinced the majority of the nation that they are the only viable options available. The truth though is, yes, perhaps a contract is best for some people but it certainly isn’t the best option for everyone, there are choices outside of these big four and by going outside of the big four there are added advantages. One of the advantages is that you can get a better standard of customer service, a service which answers your calls within the first couple of rings and the call is answered by a human, not a machine that can only offer you an option of selecting different numbers, a human actually listens to your concerns and then acts upon them.