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Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Let’s say that you are looking to lose some weight, and you also want to avoid unnecessary expenses. For these goals, you may want to get a bike. But not just any bike, you may want to take the electric bike conversion kit seriously. What does an electric bike do that make it so special?

Electric bikes are just bikes that have motors and batteries. The batteries can be charged at home. Typically, batteries of electric bikes are lithium batteries. These types of batteries can be charged over and over again. The electric motors were also designed to assist the rider to still travel even if he or she stopped pedaling.

If you plan on buying one, you might as well try to know what you are getting into. Here are some pros and cons of having an electric bike.



If you will look at the price of electric bikes and compare them to having a car or buying your own motorcycle, the electric bikes are a lot cheaper. If you will look at the cost of gas today, and compare it to simple charging of the batteries, you can tell that you are saving a lot of money as long as you use the bike. According to research, the cost of having an electric bike on the road is around $0.01 per mile. That is considered cheap especially given the fluctuating gas prices.

Avoids traffic

Traffic is a problem that a lot of us have to deal with. When you make use of a car, you have to consider the reality of getting stuck in traffic. Using public transportation is an alternative especially if you are taking the train. However, there are instances when getting to the train station would require more than just walking. This is where you could have your bike. Also, you can even use the bike going to school, work or office as your mode of transportation.

Assist your legs

You will be able to have some sort of assistance on your legs if you invested on the electric bicycles. Electric bicycles can be used by people who lack cardio as well. If they are tired, then really don’t have to stop just to step on their bicycle again. You can let the electric motor run if you are too tired to pedal.



Just how safe are you if you had an accident on a bike? You can wear a helmet if you want, but let’s be honest that it can’t do much. Unlike being inside a car where you can be protected thanks to the design of cars today.


There are countries that have different regulations when it comes to having an electric bike. In fact, it falls into a grey area. There are countries in Europe that are very receptive about the electric bikes, but let’s be open to the reality that sooner or later, there will be additional laws to control this mode of transportation.

If you are going to get an electric bike, you will face the reality that there are some considerations that you have to look closely. These are pros and cons you need to check.